System Selection & Project Management

Success from Start to Finish

You rely on your AMS and other mission-critical systems to achieve your strategic vision and goals. Selecting and maintaining those systems—along with staff training, adoption, and adherence—require ongoing investments and assessments. Such complex IT projects demand time, expertise, and awareness of how all the parts and players fit together. DelCor consultants take the reins from association and nonprofit technology selection to implementation, advocating on behalf of your organization, so your staff can continue to focus on your members and mission.


Requirements Analysis

Before designing or purchasing new association or nonprofit technology, you must know how it will impact existing systems and data. DelCor's requirements analysis process examines your technology, business processes, and culture to fully understand your needs. We clearly document our findings so you can communicate your functional, technical, and implementation requirements to prospective suppliers, readying you for a successful selection.


System Selection

We know how much rides on the system selection decision. First, there's your personal reputation and sanity. More importantly, your organization's success relies on the mission-critical technology you use to manage operations and serve your members and constituents. Don’t worry, we’ve got this: DelCor has helped 300+ associations and nonprofits select the best vendors and solutions for their unique goals, needs, culture, and budget.

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Project Management

We all manage projects to some extent, but when the project at hand is a complicated system implementation or upgrade, call on the experts. Project management is a demanding role that can take 50-100% of someone’s time, requiring specialized skills that most association and nonprofit staff don't have. DelCor consultants are certified project managers who keep your implementation on track and help staff use technology to its full potential.

Why hire a PM?

IT Project Services

Project management is a marathon, not a sprint—unless you're following an agile development process. Just count the steps: requirements analysis, RFI/RFP development, proposal review, demos, selection, contracting, design study, implementation, testing, business process improvement, training, upgrades. (Now, again!) Our team of certified project management professionals have extensive association backgrounds to help you navigate any and every step.

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