Since our founding in 1984, hundreds of association and nonprofit organizations worldwide have turned to DelCor as a strategic partner. We offer our clients a unique blend of cutting-edge IT knowledge and extensive experience serving the association and nonprofit community. Download our brochure (PDF).

Delcorian accolades

We’re honored to have some of the best in the business on the DelCor team, so of course we’re proud when their contributions are officially recognized. In that spirit, we hope you don't mind if we share some of the accolades our team has received.

We’ve been really, really busy since 1984.

“Whatcha been up to?” It’s how old friends greet each other—sometimes even at conferences! We’ve made many, many friends at those conferences (and elsewhere) over the years, but who’s counting?

We spend a lot of effort keeping up with technology (and how it impacts our clients), achieving excellence in customer service, having fun together and with our clients (we love to cook with them!), and giving back to the Metro DC community.

But DelCorians do so much more!

Did you know, for instance, that our staff have been serving as industry volunteers since 1985? Or that we gave our very first presentation in 1996? Or that we opened a second location in Chicago in 2017?

We’ve been busy ever since our founding in 1984—it’s hard to keep count! But we’ve tried.

Here’s a taste of DelCor—by the numbers.

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