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Scanning the news any given week proves one thing: no person, no company, no government is immune to cyberattacks. As cyberthreats evolve, organizations must remain vigilant to protect their many valuable assets like member or donor data. Your best defense is a culture of cybersecurity. To help you establish one, DelCor assesses your policies, trains your staff, and monitors your systems to ensure your association or nonprofit is prepared to defend against cyberattacks and recover when disaster strikes.


Security Foundation Suite

Cybersecurity is a continuous process, requiring 24/7 monitoring and management. Most associations and nonprofits lack sufficient resources—staff, expertise, time—to keep up their guard against known and emerging cyberthreats. That’s why many of our Partner clients add Security Foundation Suite to their MSP services, creating a strong perimeter defense against incoming cyberattacks.

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Add-On IT Security Services

Even if your association or nonprofit already takes cybersecurity seriously, you may require specialty services to augment your cybersecurity efforts—or just to keep up with the latest threats. These specialty services provide additional levels of protection and ensure you’re prepared when the inevitable occur:


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