When battery backup isn’t enough

Joseph Frey | 10.31.12
Topics: Cloud Computing
As Hurricane Sandy approached on Monday, I received a call from a client whose Outlook was not connecting. With an expo coming up next week, he really needed access to email. Even during the storm, when the entire east coast was practically shut down, he was very happy to have the support he needed easily available by phone, and I was equally happy to fix his email.

This particular client is not hosted, meaning they still have premise-based servers. Their servers were subject to the wiles of the storm (and the power company). In fact, I received several monitoring messages throughout the evening indicating that their UPS units were switching back and forth to battery – evidence of power issues in their office that, luckily, did not affect their network.

You never know when a storm may hit your office and take down your network. It could actually happen while away at a conference, when you desperately need access to certain systems. If those systems were hosted, you and your staff would not have to worry about service interruptions, thanks to the greater redundancy and reliability built into the cloud.

Sandy reminded us that remote support is great, but remote systems – hosted in the cloud – are even better.

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