TechTalk with MemberClicks President & CEO Mark Sedgley

DelCor Staff | 11.07.17
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Last week, MemberClicks and WebLink International announced they were joining forces. MemberClicks President & CEO Mark Sedgley joined us for another DelCor Association TechTalk to tell us what that means for present and future customers—and small-staff associations everywhere. Hear what he had to say.


What you need to know about how Mark and MemberClicks are "bucking the current trend" in AMS funding and development:

  • Mark-Sedgley-MemberClicks.jpgSimply put, Mark wants to continue to push MemberClicks and WebLink "to do what we do really well"—that is, to drive value for member organizations with 20 or fewer staff.
  • Mark says that's an underserved market—even with MemberClicks bearing the torch for small-staff associations and WebLink's attention to chambers of commerce. The combined company will up the ante with new investments in R&D and a relentless focus on customer service for small staffs. "We're consolidating the marketplace in the hope of better serving the customer," he said.
  • What happens to the companies and products? Ultimately, there will be one company, MemberClicks, with three products: the core AMS, the WebLink platform, and ePly event registration software, which MemberClicks acquired earlier this year.
  • MemberClicks isn't looking to expand beyond its small-staff focus, but may expand geographically, particularly leveraging ePly's Canada coverage.
  • Why three different products? Plain and simple: "I don't think the AMS should be everything to everybody," Mark said.
  • In the next two years, Mark expects the company to continue its mission of winning hearts and minds of small-staff associations by developing technology specifically for them. The result? MemberClicks will be "the single provider and leader for the small association space."

Though staff sizes may be small, missions and ambitions aren't. Hear more from Mark on how MemberClicks, WebLink, and ePly will continue to support the success of small-staff associations, chambers, and member organizations across North America.

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