TechTalk - Technology Ecosystems Part 2

DelCor Staff | 10.22.21
Topics: Tips - Trends - TechTalks, AMS - Data - Membership, Data Ecosystems, Technology Ecosystems

Loretta hosts a great panel of guests for Part Two of our series on technology ecosystems. Co-hosted by DelCor's Gretchen Steenstra, the TechTalk includes Mark Moen (ASCP), Marc Bernstein (ASA), Tori Miller Liu (ASHA), and Mark Sotichek (NCACPA).

Some themes from this webinar:

  • Use a technology ecosystem diagram or map as a visual to educate your staff and vendors
  • The diagram is only one element and has a lot of supporting information to describe detailed business process and rules
  • Ecosystem is a visual of more detailed docs (enterprise architecture, integration strategy and plan)
  • Use the ecosystem to engage staff - business owners should contribute to the visual
  • Consider using value stream or process mapping to help staff identify their business processes and highlight systems that are used to support them
  • Use the ecosystem to engage vendors - they are major contributors
  • The map is truly a living document

View the TechTalk:

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