Right now: 3 tech trends affecting association IT users

Bill Rowan | 11.26.13

Tech Trends

3 Tech Trends To Watch Out For 

  1. Laptops are going the way of the dodo. No, they aren’t extinct yet. But more and more staff are opting for lighter technological companions when they’re on the go. Tablets are the new carry-on, and users need remote access on these devices.
  2. To go along with these lightweight devices, users are requiring more “pinned” apps and shortcuts. It does make one wonder – and we certainly aren’t the first to ask – are smart devices making us stupid? Or are we now freed for more creative thinking and complex cognition? While you decide, why not check your smartphone...
  3. And finally, spam that just don’t quit. What’s a user to do? Start by reading this #deardel post by Joey Tagert.

What technology trends are troubling you? How can technology open new opportunities for your organization and your staff? Let’s swap ideas at the ASAE Technology Conference next week – here’s where you can find us.

P.S. Happy birthday, Doctor Who!

Looking for more information about information security? We’ve got you covered. Check out our infographic Is Your Organization Protected From Cyberattacks? for more information on threats to your organization’s security and how you can prevent your data from being compromised. 

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