Association TechTalk about a2z with Personify's Eric Thurston

DelCor Staff | 12.05.18
Topics: Tips - Trends - TechTalks

We spoke with Eric Thurston, CEO of Personify, about the company’s acquisition of a2z, an events management and optimization platform through which $1 billion is transacted annually. The acquisition gives Personify Corp. 6 offices in 3 countries (the US, Canada, and Russia) and marks a turning point, wherein half of Personify’s business now lies outside the core AMS area.

Eric-Thurston-PersonifyEric explained the root of the recent acquisition and others as customer-focused, helping them drive revenue and engagement. Furthermore, “The paradigm of who we compete with is changing dramatically,” Eric said. And, perhaps most notably, “We’ll continue to buy other products,” leveraging Personify Hub to integrate products.

To hear more about the acquisition, what it means for a2z customers, and Personify’s plans for the future, listen to our full 25-minute conversation.

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