An HR and IT Checklist for Termination of Employment

What does IT have to do with HR? Typically IT and HR have onboarding checklists and separation procedures for employees, but it is rare that the effort is coordinated.

When HR and IT join forces, important steps are not overlooked and miscommunication is avoided. This becomes critical when HR has to move quickly to add a new staff member or an employee is terminated.


In a perfect world, the association would have policies and procedures in place to monitor the organization’s intellectual (and physical) property. In this perfect world, we would have a crystal ball to know when employees will leave the organization and have a map of all of their contacts, relationships, and data important to the association.

In most cases, this does not exist or is not enforced.

So, we created a sample checklist to abide by when staff changes occur quickly or unexpectedly. Consider amending it to account for your special circumstances, and incorporate it into the standard staff exit plan shared by your HR and IT departments. (If you do not already have a clear onboarding process, modify this exit checklist to create one – and make sure your entry/exit checklists are in sync, with no gaps between the two.)


An Example for Termination of Employment IT Checklist


  • Once HR determines the need, timing, and terms of separation, HR notifies IT to conduct the following tasks


  • Change telephone voicemail password
  • Change outgoing voicemail message in accordance with association’s communication guidelines
  • Assign someone to monitor voicemail

Email & Network Access

  • Change password in Active Directory or in email system if different than Active Directory
  • If a personal cell phone or tablet was set up to access association email, wipe or remove the email account
  • Create out-of-office message on email box in accordance with association’s communication guidelines
  • Remove terminated employee from generic email distribution lists, such as “all staff”
  • Remove terminated employee from specialized email distribution lists or aliases
    • Make sure someone else is a member, so messages are not overlooked
  • Provide access to terminated employee’s email and files (local and network)
    • Ensure that any association files that may have been stored in the cloud (i.e., Dropbox) are stored on the network
    • Determine who will need access to the terminated employee’s network files
    • Assign someone to monitor email
    • Determine length of time email box will be available


  • Recover association’s physical property in possession of the terminated employee (i.e., laptop, cell phone, security key, home printer, software)
  • Require terminated employee to sign a document confirming that all property has been returned to the association


  • Require related staff to change their passwords if there is any risk of shared passwords
  • Contact vendors that the terminated employee managed or worked with, including, but not limited to:
    • Enterprise system support (finance, AMS, HRIS, Intranet, etc.)
    • Office access
    • Payroll
    • Banking
  • Remove terminated employee from authorized list of contacts
    • Remove or change credentials (usernames/passwords)
    • Add a replacement staff person if necessary

What would you add to your termination checklist to keep your IT and network secure?

DelCor has created a checklist that coordinates your IT efforts with HR to ensure no stone is overlooked when it comes to termination of employment. Get you free copy via the link below:

Download a Free Copy of Termination of Employment Checklist



photo by Scott Beale

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