The Process

DelCor started the engagement with an assessment of AGA’s IT function. We met with the organization’s IT staff to better understand their strengths and challenges, and then met with key stakeholders throughout the organization to discuss their business goals and how effectively technology was supporting them. This initial assessment of AGA’s IT function allowed us to identify the status of current technology projects and provide informed technical and strategic recommendations.

Throughout the engagement, we regularly met with the CEO to keep him informed of the status of the major projects, ensure IT remained focused on the high-priority projects, and follow up on his concerns regarding IT.

While providing ongoing CIO-level support, we worked very closely with the IT team, which helped us recognize leadership potential in one of the organization’s IT managers. We recommended that AGA promote that IT manager to the CIO position.

Services used for
this project

Technology Assessment

Fractional CIO

System Selection

The Solution

Throughout the engagement, the Interim CIO provided technical and non-technical guidance to all IT staff to ensure that they were set up for success. The Interim CIO also supported the team through multiple major technology projects, including a learning management system (LMS) selection and a data strategy vendor selection.

As a result of our recommendation to restructure AGA’s IT department, AGA promoted from within and has benefited from leveraging the leadership potential of a staff member who was already deeply knowledgeable about AGA’s business goals and IT structure.

“DelCor was a dedicated and collaborative partner on the technology segment of our financial audit. Their contributions were instrumental in ensuring that GIH kept abreast of the ever-evolving IT and cybersecurity requirements in these challenging times.”

Elena Anderson, Director of Finance and Operations, Grantmakers in Health

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