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The 501(c) IT Maturity Model™ Self-Assessment

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The Path to IT Maturity

 Advancing along the path to maturity from Restrictive to Innovative leads to a more efficient organization—one that’s better equipped to accomplish its mission and goals.


Technology gets in the way. Systems fail, computers crash, and security is compromised. You have an insufficient budget, outdated equipment, and undertrained staff.


 Technology works, but it isn’t easy. Your technology is one step shy of integration and automation. You’re making do with systems and processes that work but are cumbersome.


Not only does technology support your goals, it’s never an obstacle. Technology supports your mission by adding value to the member experience, but you’re not yet anticipating members’ future needs.


Technology allows the organization to innovate, create, share, and bring knowledge to staff and members. You use technology to meet your members’ existing needs and anticipate future needs. Your CIO contributes to strategic discussions.

  • Identify your organization’s strong points, gaps, and opportunities related to IT’s four main components —management, data, digital, and infrastructure.
  • Discover how your level of IT Maturity compares to similar organizations.
  • Build and implement your roadmap to the next level of IT Maturity and beyond.


ASIS International (ASIS) contracted DelCor for a CIO engagement to stabilize the organization’s information technology environment.

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