Data Strategy and Governance

Is Your Data an IT Issue or an Organizational Asset?

Before you can gather the right data or use it effectively to make informed decisions, you need to determine your organization’s current data maturity.

An organization-wide, holistic approach to data helps eliminate silos and ensures that staff have access to the data they need to accurately understand members and customers, gain insights, and make data-informed decisions. 

Pre and Post Engagement

We start every data governance assessment by reviewing data usage, policies, and existing tools. If a data strategy isn’t in place, we help establish one that aligns with your mission and business goals, setting your organization up for success.

Pre-EngagementPost Engagement
Lack of data strategy and governanceEffective strategy and efficient processes
Data quality issuesTrusted data
Labor-intensive, manual report generationAutomated reports and dashboards
Ineffective campaignsRevenue growth
Insufficient performance metricsEstablished benchmarks and documented return on investment

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The Society of Women Engineers (SWE) contracted DelCor to assist with the organization’s data governance goals. The SWE Data Governance Workgroup was formed with DelCor as consultants helping the group improve SWE’s data maturity.

As the interim primary tech person on call during a four-day weekend, I fully expected to put out a few fires but was pleasantly surprised at the quiet weekend. It turns out it wasn’t quiet at all but our DelCor consultant was on top of it! We had some VPN issues they took care of, and they did an excellent job staying in communication with the affected staff.

Dawson Ally, Microsoft 365 Administrator, Kids in Need of Defense