The Process

We began assessing the organization’s IT use with The 501(c) IT Maturity Model™.

After reviewing client information, conducting discovery meetings with staff, and reviewing the organization’s infrastructure, we compiled their findings into a set of deliverables. We first recommended filling the current IT leadership void with a resource that could effectively manage and coordinate technology initiatives.

We also worked with the organization’s iMIS Solution Provider to refresh the existing relationship and enhance the organization’s use of the AMS, and we validated the association’s efforts to proceed with a chosen partner to undertake a website redesign and implement a new content management system.

Based on the organization’s experience with the assessment, they chose to expand their relationship with DelCor and requested that we become their new MSP.

Services used for
this project

Managed Services

Digital Strategy


The Solution

The organization chose to address the lack of IT leadership and fulfill this key role with external assistance. We helped them reestablish ties with their long-term iMIS partner, who helped resuscitate their AMS, improving both the member and staff experience.

The association also moved forward with redesigning their website, and business units reported noticeable improvements to their financial and reporting processes due to our support.

“DelCor was a dedicated and collaborative partner on the technology segment of our financial audit. Their contributions were instrumental in ensuring that GIH kept abreast of the ever-evolving IT and cybersecurity requirements in these challenging times.”

Elena Anderson, Director of Finance and Operations, Grantmakers in Health

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