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Integrated digital strategies provide meaningful experiences and value for association members, nonprofit donors, and other constituents. Your online platforms are interwoven—users move from one touchpoint to another expecting seamless interactions. The resources you expend on digital initiatives must enable them to move toward their goals. DelCor's digital team includes former association executives who know what it’s like to work in mission-driven organizations and will help you lay the groundwork for digital transformation.


Website Strategy & Usability

For many members and donors, your website is the organization. They come to your website to learn, seek and share advice, donate, and make plans for their future. Does your website make it easy for them to do what they want to do? Does it reflect your organization’s brand and membership experience? Most organizations benefit from an independent view that cuts through organizational hierarchy to discover what really matters to web users.

How to Modernize Your Website

Mobile Strategy

Mobile devices put the entire internet in your members’ hands. Your approach to mobile is a key component of a successful communication and engagement strategy. If you need to refresh or build your mobile experience, we'll help you analyze your mobile audience and their habits, identify content they desire, decide whether to build a mobile app, and create a mobile-first strategy that meets the needs of your constituents on-the-go.


Content Strategy

Members and donors expect you to deliver fresh, relevant content when and where they want it. Your reputation and retention rate depend upon being a trusted source. Yet, in many organizations, content creation is a constant struggle. A content strategy helps your organization use its limited resources to effectively deliver content aligned with your vision, mission, and business goals—while meeting your audiences’ needs and interests.

How to Keep Your Content Fresh

Social Media & Community

With ever-changing privacy practices, proliferating platforms, and mysterious algorithms, managing social media and online communities can feel like Whac-A-Mole. A strategy that’s aligned with your organization's mission and goals is essential to scoring high. Our consultants come from associations—we understand the dynamics and challenges of integrating social and community practices into your infrastructure, workflow, and culture.

How to Engage Your Community


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