• Pete Leinbach

DelCor Strategic Consultant, Gretchen Steenstra, has joined the newly-formed Board of Directors of the Association Women Technology Champions (AWTC)—a group she helped found three years ago. An all-volunteer group, AWTC exists to educate and empower women in the association space to strategically incorporate technology in their work.

The founding members of AWTC (pictured above) are a diverse group of women, including association professionals, consultants and small business owners. Meet them here.

“It’s really an honor to work with such a great team,” said Ms. Steenstra. “We are dedicated to creating a safe space where there are no wrong questions and everyone is committed to sharing their knowledge to help one another.”

AWTC was founded when Rene Shonerd noticed that women were not well represented in a series of technology discussions at ASAE annual. This sparked an idea to talk to a few peers about ideas to tackle the problem, and the group was formed after launching a successful Meetup. AWTC goals include championing and sponsoring women in technology, connecting with a community of female technology enthusiasts—those who use tech every day, not solely classic IT types—and discussing new technology trends and best practices in a judgement-free space.

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