What I learned at the 2015 ASAE Annual Meeting

Gretchen Steenstra | 08.25.15
Topics: Events

SuperHeroes-3-350x250.jpgGetting together. The world seems to move faster and faster—it’s refreshing to take time to talk face-to-face with colleagues. Hallway discussions after sessions take interesting twists and turns that you would miss in a virtual setting.

Opening session was great! The word Judo Flip is stuck in my head and I will never look at window washers the same.

Detroit: Amazing hospitality. I had no idea the city had such beautiful buildings. You could lose yourself in them.

Education. I had trouble selecting sessions to attend and had to fill time with discussions in the halls and Twitter feeds.

  1. Take the bull by the horns: There is bullying in the workplace. Use many of the techniques you tell your kids. Say no to bullies! Make the argument about THEM not YOU.
  2. Servant Leadership: Strong leaders build an environment of trust and authority. This is hard to do so you need to practice and fine tune these skills.Here's more from Memberclicks.
  3. Business Excellence Office: Imagine reducing 200 projects to 20! Here's how AGU and ASHA implemented BEO.
  4. IT Maturity Model: Our IT Maturity Model is moving from a consulting tool to a research tool—bring on the analytics geeks (I mean experts)!
  5. Women in Leadership: Queen Bee Syndrome can poison the work hive. Work-life ‘balance’ is really alignment and satisfaction, which are not always equal.

The Power of A. Get involved! Government leaders do not understand the power of associations. Show them. Everyone has a part to play.

click for sourceRelationships—they're the glue that holds everything together. I was excited to learn that Mark Dorsey will be the new CEO of CSI, my workplace home for many years. I look forward to watching the organization grow and thrive under Mark’s leadership.

Overlooked—don’t count Millennials out as a powerful workforce.

IGNITE sessions! If you missed it, add it to your schedule for 2016 RIGHT NOW! The lessons this year: live, listen to music (download and support the ASAE Foundation), risk, go on an adventure!

Thankful for working in an industry chock full of talented, dedicated professionals, including the great leaders and talented co-workers at DelCor:

  • Loretta DeLuca who was recognized with the Academy of Leaders Award for industry partners.
  • Dave Coriale who is working with the ASAE Foundation to use the IT Maturity Model as a tool to support the industry.
  • Tobin Conley, new CAE!
  • Finally, the talented Bill Walker Rowan who creates great booth designs and materials!


Go Detroit!

How did the city inspire you? Did ASAE Annual remind you to be thankful for something in your personal or professional life?

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