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Bill Rowan | 12.18.15
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Hot on the heels of ASAE’s 2015 Technology Conference & Expo (and a gazillion other year-end lists) and with only a few workdays remaining in 2015, we present to you our most-read blog posts. Enjoy again or for the very first time! What would you like to see on our blog in 2016? Drop us a note in the comments or at


1. Tips for ASAE Annual from a seasoned pro

Our CEO, Loretta, has attended countless ASAE events. She really is a pro. And this year she offered her best insights to conference-goers. They’re not exclusive to ASAE Annual, so if you’ve got an event coming up (especially if you’re a first-timer), take a look at her tips.

Further reading: What I learned at the 2015 ASAE Annual Meeting by Gretchen Steenstra, PMP


2. What’s the difference between digital strategy, content strategy, and content marketing?

If you’re confused, Dave clears it up better than Merriam-Webster. With so much talk about “digital” and “content” these days, you’ll want to have these definitions down pat.

Further reading: 4 tips for creating your content strategy by Kylee Coffman


3. 3 essential positions on your project team

If you want a Cracker Jack team, pay attention to these three critical positions, says Dave. Read on for a breakdown of their roles and the implications of settling for minor league players. Play ball!

Further reading: How associations can dive into Big Data by Dave Coriale


4. What association CEOs need to know about Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policies

Devices and security are hot topics, what with the sheer number of portables and wearables combined with the never-ending threat of data breaches and plain old forgetfulness. Dave examines the four major items on association executives’ BYOD to-do list.

Further reading: Password management dos and don’ts by Dan Lautman


5. DelCor earns MSP Pioneer 250 award for second consecutive year

It’s been a great year for DelCor, what with Loretta’s Academy of Leaders Award and Academy of Motion Picture style acceptance speech. But the backbones of our systems and services are award-winning, too. Take this recognition of our leading approach to managed services, for example. We’re thankful for the recognition and even more so for our clients’ continued trust in us.

Further reading: Outsourcing IT to a Managed Services Provider (MSP) by Brian Sheehan


6. The secret to managing change during a technology project

Inspired by Rene Shonerd’s presentation on reframing change management, Dave reviews the alignment of change management with project management. Read on to learn about the 5-step ADKAR model. (No, it’s not a Star Wars reference!)

Further reading: Reframe Your Approach to Change Management: Welcome to the Machine by Dave Coriale


7. It’s agile, not free-for-all development

What are the key differences between waterfall and agile development methodologies? How do you decide which is right for your project? Dave clears up some common misconceptions.

Further reading: Use agile techniques to move a project through a waterfall world by Gretchen Steenstra, PMP


8. Bring association technology vendors to the table together to avoid playing ‘the blame game’

Ever played Whac-A-Mole? Just when you get one problem (mole) whacked, up pops another! It can seem that way when implementing technology, particularly when the process involves multiple systems and vendors. Tobin tames the terrors by calling a technology summit.

Further reading: Trust: key to a successful vendor/client relationship by Tobin Conley


9. The 5 AMS Trends You Need to Know

All this year, voices throughout the association community have been asking, “Is the AMS dead?” Loretta even participated in a standing-room-only #tech15 session on the topic. Here, she examines the first (and perhaps her favorite) of five trends in AMS development: integration.

Further reading: 5 Tips for Selecting an AMS Vendor by Loretta DeLuca, FASAE


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