Top 10 posts on The DelCor Connection, 2013

Bill Rowan | 12.23.13
Topics: Everything Else

As the year comes to a close, we offer a look back with our own list of popular and thought-provoking blog posts. Without further ado, here are our most popular posts, according to you!


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  1. In Don’t let content strategy haunt you, Dave related the perils of running a website without a content strategy to putting together a haunted house without a plan. If your org’s content strategy has weak bones, you’ll want to revisit this post to scare one up.
  2. Most of us at DelCor are foodies, so it’s no shock to us that Tim’s Making sure your technology is “mise en place” struck a chord with readers. Tim suggests taking an inventory of your technology pieces and processes, from workstations to training.
  3. Still confused by cloud computing? Brian offered some clarity on How to decide between a public and private cloud hosting. Learn what each can do for your organization, and how to decide which type of cloud solution is right for you.
  4. Our favorite charity event is our own .org Community Food Drive each spring, in which we enlist the participation of associations and suppliers throughout the DC region to raise funds to end hunger. During our 2013 food drive, we featured a guest post on our blog by Spark Consulting CEO Elizabeth Weaver Engel, CAE, who peered into Capital Area Food Bank: a volunteer’s view.
  5. Never one to be caught breaching etiquette, Tobin observed the power of the Tweet in From rude to required: Tweeting at meetings is now en vogue. Watch out for @tobinconley at Great Ideas!
  6. If your organization has ever had to deal with a surprise staff departure, you know the importance of having security processes in place for all those connected devices, passwords, and network access points. Michael shared a checklist for employee termination in HR and IT – what do they have in common?
  7. Gretchen’s PM tips are creative and popular. She stepped away from the PM Poker table momentarily to offer some tools for keeping your project team running smoothly. Perhaps someone on your gift list could use Gretchen’s Project Management Stressbusters Tool Box?
  8. The ASAE Annual Conference is always a blast. It’s no surprise to us that our booth – and this post – were high flying! See #ASAE13 in pictures to relive some of our favorite moments in Atlanta.
  9. In her lead-up to hosting the raucous AMS Dating Game at #tech13, Loretta strolled down memory lane for AMS: what’s old, what’s new, what’s next. Bell bottoms and hippie hair are not required to share this journey!


And our #1 post of the year ...

  1. Hurricane Sandy was the second costliest hurricane in US history. The superstorm tops our own year-end list. Reflecting on how such natural events impact networks and organizational up-time in the wake of disaster, John cited Data center lessons from Sandy: geographic redundancy.


As a bonus, we offer a video reflection on 2013, from our staff’s point of view. Watch and enjoy!

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