The springtime giving season starts now


We often think of the time between Thanksgiving and New Year’s as the giving season. Bell ringers inspire generosity. Companies, families, and social groups get together to do good works. The volunteer sheet at the soup kitchen fills up quickly. It’s a very feel-good time of year.

But for those most in need, it is a short-lived season.

By this time of year – filled with April showers and May flowers – most of us are planning summer vacations and the like. Meanwhile, available resources to the neediest among us may be dwindling.

Enter the DelCor .org Community Food Drive! Our food drive kicks off today and runs through most of May – during a time when the food bank has a need for restocking the shelves and filling the gap before the summer harvest of produce brightens patrons’ food baskets.

And so begins our 12th year of partnering with associations, nonprofits, and vendors to provide meals for the hungry in our community. Won’t you contribute?

The Capital Area Food Bank, our beneficiary, estimates that 700,000 people in the Washington DC Metro Region are at risk of hunger. 150,000 of them are children, who often go without lunch when schools unexpectedly close (like during the many snow days experienced this year).

Since our very first year, we’ve provided more than 233,000 meals through our food drive. This year’s goal is $20,000 or 50,000 meals! Anyone can give, and every bit matters, since $1.00 can provide 2.5 meals!

It’s through the teamwork, creativity, and generosity of our food drive partners that we’re able to make such a measurable contribution. To all our partners, listed below, we say thanks!

You can say thanks, and support your community, by donating here! If you’re outside the DC region, consider donating to your local food bank today.

For additional information and updates as the food drive progresses, see

  1. American Geophysical Union
  2. Aptify
  3. ASAE
  4. Association for Manufacturing Technology
  5. Bates Creative
  6. Columbia Books
  7. DelCor Technology Solutions
  8. DSK Solutions
  9. Equipment Leasing and Finance Association
  10. Independent Community Bankers of America
  11. Infectious Diseases Society of America
  12. ISG Solutions
  13. Licensing Executives Society
  14. McKinley Advisors
  15. National Association of Wholesalers-Distributors
  16. Olcott Consulting Group
  17. Optical Society of America
  18. Personify Corp.
  19. Recreational Boating & Fishing Foundation
  20. Reinsurance Association of America
  21. Summit Foundation
  22. Summit Group
  23. Syscom Services
  24. Tate & Tryon