Sneak peek: what you need to know before selecting an AMS

Gretchen Steenstra | 10.03.14
Topics: Software Requirements & Selection, AMS - Data - Membership


Selecting an association management system was the topic of a recent ASAE Membership Section virtual brown bag, Think Like the Experts: Experienced Tips for a Hassle-Free AMS Selection, moderated by KiKi L’Italien (Senior Consultant, Aptify). I was a panelist along with Teri Carden (Founder, and Addy Kujawa, CAE (Executive Director, American Academy of Orthopaedic Executives).

I walked away from the brown bag with a head full of selection advice, so I jotted some of it down and will be sharing it with you throughout the next week –keep an eye on this blog (and the DelCor Twitter stream) starting Monday, October 6, so you don’t miss a single bit of the panel’s advice and insight.

Of course, AMS selection is not new for DelCor. We’ve been doing it for decades, watching the field evolve and mature. We’ve also covered some similar topics before here on the DelCor blog, which I share below to warm you up for next week. Breathe deep, stretch, and read on. See you Monday!

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