November 2015 Blogger’s Digest & TECH15 Preview


First Look: ASAE Technology Conference

DelCor's IT zen zone returns to take your IT stress away at the ASAE Technology Conference & Expo, December 15-16. It's better than a Calgon commercial—if you're old enough to remember that. With 7 areas of service especially designed for associations and nonprofits, we'll help you #findyourITzen.

Join us for 3 engaging educational sessions:

  • If the AMS is Dead... What's Next?
  • Organizational Data Security – Beyond the Basics
  • The Tech Savvy CEO and Leadership Team

Visit us in the expo hall (booth 300) to:

  • Talk with our technology therapists.
  • Relax with a free chair massage.
  • Win noise-cancelling headphones.

Make the most of your technology conference:

  • Stick around to celebrate this event's 10th anniversary.
  • Stay tuned for updates on ASAE Foundation's Association Technology Success Study, sponsored by DelCor and Rockbridge.


Flickr photo by Jeff Kubina

Thankful: November 2015 Blogger’s Digest

Take a break from stale stuffing and cyber sales to catch up on these technology management topics!

Empathy and conflict: technology project superpowers

Tobin Conley, CAE, discusses the need for collective empathy—and dispensing with the elephant in the room (November 4, 2015). You'll learn:

  • Why empathy is a project requirement.
  • How to nurture collective empathy.
  • Why collective empathy requires facing conflict.

An addendum on empathy: make yourself heard

Inspired by Tobin's post, Bill Rowan stumbled upon a Harvard Business Review article, which he reviews here (November 10, 2015). Learn how to be heard in difficult conversations.

The professional development advantages of MOOCs

Are MOOCs a model for association education? Kylee Coffman relays her experiences and outlines the competitive advantages of MOOCs (November 18, 2015). She schools us on:

  • MOOCs vs. online degree programs.
  • Her path to MOOC certification in content strategy.
  • The MOOC learning experience.
  • The Achilles heel of MOOCs.
  • 8 advantages of MOOCs.
  • How MOOCs are competing in the e-learning space.

How to bridge your staff's technology knowledge gaps

If you've recently been car shopping, you know technology has changed inside those moving computers—this is not your father's Oldsmobile. Tobin explains how this type of technology knowledge gap can wreak havoc on association operations (November 23, 2015). How to stay on the right track?

  • Dedicate time up front to training and documentation.
  • Prevent the problem and you won't have to fix the problem.