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Bill Rowan | 04.23.15
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Last night, the DelCor crew made the short trip over to Shepherd's Table, where we served 141 members of our community a delicious dinner of cheesesteaks, onion rings, mixed veggies, salad, and desserts. It was our 4th time doing so, and probably one of our quietest nights of service; the guests were all so busy enjoying this special dinner that they weren't very chatty!

Shepherd's Table is a partner agency of the Capital Area Food Bank, of which we are also a long-time supporter. In fact, we're about to kick off our 13th Annual .org Community Food Drive for CAFB, which will help the food bank distribute much-needed nourishment throughout our entire region through its 500 or so partner agencies, including our neighbor, Shepherd's Table.


Please *click here* to join our food drive & help the food bank fulfill its mission to our community!


Need to know more before you commit? No problem!


  • The DelCor-sponsored food drive raises much-needed funds that go directly to our local food bank.
    • To date, the .org Community Food Drive, sponsored by DelCor, has provided more than 280,000 meals.
    • 92¢ of every dollar is used for food programs, distribution, and transportation – all of which are critical to the "frontline" work that CAFB and its 500 partner agencies do on a daily basis. It is truly neighbor helping neighbor.
  • How many children in our region are food-insecure?
    • Nearly 1/3 of children in D.C.
    • Nearly 1/5 of children in Maryland
    • 55,000 children in Northern Virginia
  • CAFB served more than ½ million people last year. And the need is actually greater than their capacity, and growing – not shrinking – despite "economic recovery."
    • Last year, the food bank distributed 42 million pounds of food – equivalent to 35 million meals.
  • What areas does CAFB serve?
    • Washington, D.C.
    • Montgomery County, MD
    • Prince George's County, MD
    • Fairfax County, VA
    • Prince William County, VA
    • Arlington County, VA
    • City of Alexandria, VA
  • 21,000 volunteers support the work of the food bank each year, representing a $2.6 million savings in staffing costs.
    • This year, DelCor will sponsor our 3rd Annual Volunteer Night @ CAFB (date TBD), in conjunction with this food drive.
  • What is food insecurity?

Limited or uncertain availability of nutritionally adequate and safe foods, or limited or uncertain ability to acquire acceptable foods in socially acceptable ways.


What can YOU do?

Those are the facts – and there are many more – but there is something more than "fact" that I hope compels you to join our drive. It's the Power of (A)yes, the Power of Associations – to join together to better our community.

If your organization is headquartered anywhere in the Metro DC Region, the truth is that the food bank serves you, your family, your neighbors, your staff, your clients, your members – because we are each part of the fabric of our community.

Please, do something good today to strengthen the fabric of your community: join the 13th Annual .org Community Food Drive! Together, we can solve hunger – and demonstrate the Power of (A).


Details, details

Our food drive begins Friday, May 1, and runs through Thursday, May 21. Any association, nonprofit, or charitable organization may take part, as well as any vendor, company, or supplier supporting the association/nonprofit community. Participating organizations agree to promote the food drive to their staff and/or members, with guidance from DelCor. Any individual, organization, or company may donate directly to the food drive when it launches on May 1.

Not in the D.C. region? Support your local food bank! Find it here.

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