Leapin’ Learnin’! DelCor’s February 2016 Blogger’s Digest


Happy Leap Day, readers!

If you’ve been squirreling away your favorite technology posts, well there’s no better time than this ‘extra day’ to catch up. Grab your favorite snack (perhaps a bowl of nuts?) and dig in!

Do you have the X factor? Digital experiences for the modern member – Kylee Coffman (Twitter) sheds light on DX—digital experience. It’s not just another acronym to add to your vocab—it’s making waves in the way consumers and members behave, including their expectations, accessibility, and perceived value. Learn what your organization needs to do to embrace this new digital reality.

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Marrying into the family: why new vendor partners must fit in – “We gather here today…” The formalities of executing a vendor contract may not resemble a wedding ceremony, but the relationship in many ways mirrors acquiring a new family member. Tobin Conley, CAE, (Twitter) peeks into the similarities and offers good counsel on selecting the right spouse partner for your family.

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To become a technology leader, elevate your EQ – The concept of emotional intelligence (EQ) isn’t new, but have you may not have thought about how it impacts your technology operations and projects. Kathleen McQuilkin, PMP, (Twitter) offers this primer on EQ for IT leaders, along with a few quizzes to help you assess your EQ, specifically as it relates to your role as an IT leader.

How can association executives learn what they need to know about technology so they’re not going forward blindly? – In this, our second installment of ‘what are we thinking’ questions, nine DelCorians share their favorite resources for staying up to date on association IT. These diverse resources can help association executives stay on top of IT trends affecting their organizations, without having to learn code or surf into the dark web. This one is a must-read and bookmark!

A technology plan is your association’s roadmap to the future – Pack your bags and tune up your flying car for an exciting trip! Okay, maybe we have to settle for self-driving cars for now, but the future—your organization’s future—is coming, and it’s powered by technology. Prepare your organization and your leadership with a forward-looking IT plan. Wendy Raulin, PMP, (Twitter) details how.

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How to handle and prevent the use of Shadow IT by association staff – Dan Lautman (Twitter) shines an inquiring light on Shadow IT to understand why staff use it, how to uncover it, and what IT leaders should do about it. Hint: you can’t control everything, and you’ll need to collaborate.

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DelCor’s Managed IT Services Honored by The Channel Company – We already hear from our clients that they’re highly satisfied with our managed services. It’s an added bonus to be recognized on the CRN MSP 500 list for the third consecutive year.

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