IT fitness: a workout plan for associations

DelCor Staff | 09.27.13
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I bet you take advantage of weekends to do some yard work, go for a run, make a wild attempt at parkour, or play soccer with the kids. All these efforts to keep fit provide inspiration for technology that’s fit, too.

Here’s a simple strategy to give your IT a workout:

You’ve got to work on your core

New projects will always occur. In order to stay nimble, a fit organization has a plan to strengthen infrastructure and stretch to keep pace with programmatic growth. In order to produce ground-breaking, technologically advanced work organizations, must have the technology resources to support such progress.


Healthy organizations know how to diversify their training during their planning process. In addition to departmental needs, they should include the Big Three: HR, IT, and Finance.

Use it or lose it

Systems that are sound follow a regular fitness routine. It is critical to examine your fitness routine on a regular basis to ensure it meets your current needs. This includes server and application maintenance, training plans, SOPs, and data clean-up. (Put away the leotards and dirty data!)


If you keep doing the same old thing over and over, visible benefits will wane. Strong organizations make time to fine tune their processes, as well as introduce new functionality that will strengthen their systems.

Map my route

An organization builds stamina by keeping people from getting lost. They conserve their resources by providing a clear map for team members. Leadership monitors the route and keeps an eye out for any obstacles that might trip up the team.

How do you keep your IT fit? What exercises would you add to your technology routine?


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