How to give new life to old computers

Ben Sarker | 11.27.12
Topics: Everything Else
In the spirit of #givingtuesday, here’s a tip for giving new life to old computers – and making a big difference in someone else’s life.

Many organizations out there buy a few new computers every year. Often, those organizations hire a recycling company to pick up the old computers. While this is a good and responsible step, what if one of your employees or someone in need might want one of these “old” computers, which in many cases is still completely functional? Is it worth the time and headache to wipe and rebuild the computer?

As an IT guy, I think so. Make a policy. Bite the bullet and go the extra mile to supply someone in need. If there’s life in the computer, don’t recycle it; regift it. There is more reward than you can anticipate. There might just be a struggling single mother’s child doing homework on one of those computers!

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