How to avoid a technology mugging

DelCor Staff | 03.14.13
Topics: Everything Else

Have you ever been walking down the street, minding your own business, when a project jumps from behind the bushes and mugs you? You know how it goes: “We have a website that needs to be created in 2 weeks to satisfy our funders. It’s really close to what we have now, so I’m sure you can just copy and paste the code and we’ll be fine.” Reality check: You’ve just been mugged.

Avoid muggings by taking preventive measures. Like more streetlights or carrying mace, there are tools you can use to help prevent surprise attacks. One to consider is a technology resource request form. By requiring staff to submit a technology resource request form, you encourage the requester to consider the reality of the potential project. Hence, all parties can fully consider the impact that the project may have on existing resources (including time, staff, and budget). Using this form as part of the initial project proposal phase – as well as during the project initiation phase – can ensure that everyone has a clear understanding of who the project lead is, what the technology needs are (equipment as well as personnel), what the budget is, what the important delivery dates are, etc.

With appropriate planning, your IT folks can feel safe walking in their own neighborhood again.

Hey, let’s be careful out there.



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