Host a tea party for your vendors

DelCor Staff | 06.11.14
Topics: Project Management


It’s time to bring all your IT vendors to the party. As you begin your budget process for your next fiscal year, DelCor has found vendor summits to be very successful in assisting the planning for your upcoming IT initiatives. What is a vendor summit? Well, it is an annual meeting where you invite all your IT vendors and staff owners to come to the table. At this meeting, vendors and staff openly share their initiatives for the upcoming year, receive information regarding other organizations’ projects, and gain insight into how the next year’s initiatives align with your (and their) organization’s strategic direction. By having everyone at the table, vendors discover how each initiative may affect their annual product plan (or vice versa). For example, if one vendor is implementing a major upgrade to their product and another vendor has integration points with that product, both vendors can align their efforts to ensure a smooth transition. Knowledge is everything! Have a tea party today and be better prepared for tomorrow.

Flickr photo by Tom Simpson

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