Haunting Engagement: October 2015 Blogger’s Digest


This month’s blog posts were all about engagement in its various forms. It’s striking how much digitalization has transformed the membership mantra, especially since the last Technology Conference. We’re hearing, and having, lots of conversations about digital strategies that directly impact associations at the membership and operational levels. Here are just a few thoughts on digital engagement, with more to come, for sure. In the meantime, if you’re not sure how digitalization impacts your organization or you want a second opinion on your digital strategy, we’re here to help, as always.


With website governance, tough decisions become easier

In this authoritative post on web governance by Dave Coriale (October 5, 2015), you’ll learn:

  • Why ignoring governance has serious consequences.
  • How to enjoy the benefits of a governance plan.
  • How governance provides a better user experience.


Don’t worry about being like Amazon

We’ve all heard it before: I want to be the Amazon of my industry… if only I had their budget! Well, it’s time to set your envy aside, because you don’t need to be like Amazon (and shouldn’t dare try emulating them), says Dave Coriale (October 9, 2015). Instead, here’s how you can make your website a standout:

  • Have empathy for your website users.
  • Pay special attention to business rules.
  • Provide elements of the Amazon experience.


No more bingo: rethink your conference’s mobile app to deepen the attendee-exhibitor experience

Is your expo hall stale? Does your mobile event app merely exist for logistics? Dave Coriale (October 13, 2015) recommends shifting your efforts to focus on engagement goals by:

  • Focusing on the value you want to deliver attendees and exhibitors.
  • Using the app to bring the learning experience into the expo hall.


Great leaders are consistently inconsistent

We often talk about personalized member engagement. Staff require the same in order to advance your organization’s goals. Help them help you succeed by understanding when to be consistent and inconsistent in your leadership/management style. Bill Rowan (October 26, 2015) reviews the Leadership Paradox.


Using Blab to create online community connections

We’ve always got our eyes on the broad technology landscape—there’s a new development, tool, threat, or startup every minute, it seems! Kylee Coffman(October 28, 2015) takes a cue from #assnchat to review Blab, a video/chat engagement tool. See it in action and let us know: is your association using it yet?


Flickr photo by metalchris

Flashback Friday boo-nus: Don’t let content strategy haunt you

Here’s a haunted house you don’t want to visit this Halloween: one without a plan to scare you! Without a plan, there may be no zombies, no one to transform that old pond into a swamp, and no must-know info on Facebook. Sure, the thought of all those oversights is scary, but the haunted house itself would be a real bummer. Before you get all dressed up, pass out the candy, or take a hay ride, read this reincarnated post by Dave Coriale from exactly two years ago today (October 30, 2013), and dig up the bones of a good content strategy!


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