Give a Neighbor a Nourishing Meal—Join the DelCor .org Community Food Drive Today!

With a growing kid at home, my pantry, fridge, and freezer are fully stocked. My family never lacks for something to eat, unless we have a craving or we're missing a recipe ingredient—but those are easy problems to solve.

Living in a food desert or on a limited income? Not so easy to solve.

That’s why the DelCor .org Community Food Drive exists.

Food drive.pngAnd it’s why the Capital Area Food Bank exists. But, contrary to what you might think, the Capital Area Food Bank is a modern food bank. Their programs go way beyond putting any old junk food on the table. Their goal is to nourish, to educate, to enrich. They target healthy choices and nutrition education so people can actually feel better, and live better lives.

We—DelCor and all our association, nonprofit, and vendor friends—can help them achieve those goals. As they say at the food bank: Together we can solve hunger.™

Here's what you need to know and how you can help.

We get results.

Because we love food, and because we care so deeply about our community—our home is in Silver Spring, Maryland, a Washington, DC, suburb—we sponsor a food drive for the food bank each spring. In fact, this will be our 15th year!

Since 2003, hundreds of organizations throughout the region have joined us in providing 388,144 meals to our neighbors in DC and six surrounding jurisdictions. This year, won’t you join in, too?

How DelCor’s .org Community Food Drive works

We run a virtual food drive on Capital Area Food Bank’s giving platform. It’s virtual because donors give money instead of dry goods. It’s more efficient for donors (no shopping, no lugging), and more effective for the food bank, as well as their clients.

Every dollar donated provides 2.5 mealshealthy meals that address medical and dietary needs, including fresh produce that you just can’t drop in a donation box! You get the warm feeling of helping your community—and a possible tax deduction.

How to join

Our .org Community Food Drive places great emphasis on community. We ask other organizations—associations, nonprofits, and vendors located in and serving the DC region—to join us.

When you do, we’ll supply the giving platform and everything you need to know to get started. We’ll work directly with your food drive point of contact to offer as much support as we can, and to liaise with the food bank staff. But, essentially, you’ll be running your own food drive within your organization. And you can be as creative as you want!

How to spread the word

Some folks put up posters or send emails to staff. Others hold happy hours, silent auctions, or pizza parties, with proceeds going toward their food drive. Some set up teams for a little friendly competition! You might even engage your civic organization, family, or neighborhood. The choice is yours, and we’re here to help. We just ask that when you join, you’re “all in.” It’s for a great cause and your impact is measurable!

Don’t delay—join today!

DelCor's 15th annual .org Community Food Drive kicks off June 1. To celebrate 15 years, we have some special events, incentives, and ideas in store. But right now we need you to say, “We’re in!”

Won’t you pledge to make a difference? Email us to get started.

Not sure what impact you can make on hunger in your community?

Watch this introduction to the Capital Area Food Bank to learn how hunger underpins success, and how Together we can solve hunger.™