Get Smart at SmartTech 2018—and Get Your Association Geared Up for Technology-Driven Success

DelCor Staff | 01.16.18
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Go beyond the basics at SmartTech, February 1, 2018.

Aligning IT with your mission, vision, and business objectives.


Digital transformation.

Data analytics and strategy.

These are the topics every organization regardless of size, budget, or membership demographics needs to learn more about. So Association Forum, Naylor, and DelCor joined forces to create SmartTech, a one-day technology conference for association professionals looking to use technology and data more efficiently—to increase revenue, drive membership, and adapt to today’s changing business environment.

We’ve designed SmartTech to help you use technology to accomplish more than transactional interactions, producing reports, or having a responsive website. SmartTech topics and sessions go beyond the basics, so you can too.

SmartTech grants you access to speakers, panelists, and session leaders with more than 275 years of collective experience advancing associations, not to mention 5 CAEs, 3 FASAEs, and 2 PMPs. Hear from:

  • ASAE’s Reggie Henry
  • Association Forum’s Michelle Mason
  • DelCor’s Loretta DeLuca, Dave Coriale, David DeLorenzo, and Mike Guerrieri
  • Naylor’s Alex DeBarr and Tom Aley
  • McKinley Advisors’ Jodie Slaughter
  • Association Analytics’ Debbie King
  • Association leaders Dean Comber, Alex Foley, and Peter Finn

With all those smarts in the room, and a range of engaging topics, you'll leave with a full 'to think about' list as well as a full 'to do' list. But you’ll also leave with direction, resources, and an expanded network.

Spend a day at SmartTech and you’ll get a picture of what your organization’s technology roadmap should look like, accounting for technology trends and potential disruptions.

Engage with SmartTech on Twitter: #SmartTech2018

Use Technology and Data to Grow Your Association—Attend the SmartTech Conference

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