Food for good


We’ve long been foodies (but not food snobs—as evidenced by the treats currently found in our kitchen). So it’s no surprise that our favorite charities are food-related.

Our spring food drive begins soon

Since founding the .org Community Food Drive in 2003, we’ve encouraged the local association community to feed those in need—supplying 325,000 meals to the Capital Area Food Bank. Headquartered in Northeast DC, the food bank serves the District and surrounding jurisdictions in Maryland and Virginia—including our location here in Downtown Silver Spring.

Though recognized as one of the most affluent counties in the country, hunger is here. 19% of our neighbors right here in the Silver Spring Urban District are food insecure—meaning they have access to some food, but not enough. That’s2,000 people without enough to eat—to provide them enough food so they don’t go hungry, they’d need an additional 417,000 pounds of found (collectively, annually). Currently, 1/3 of that need is being met—but there’s a large gap. And until we fill that gap, people right here in our community, whom we pass by on the street, will go hungry.

Keep in mind I’m only talking about 2.5 square miles right here in Downtown Silver Spring! Region-wide, the need is great—700,000 people are food insecure. And the network of organizations working to fill that need is both vast and dedicated. For most, the Capital Area Food Bank is their hub.

That’s why we round up the troops around this time each year to participate in our food drive. We call on clients past and present, associations and nonprofits, and vendors/suppliers in the community to join us—our virtual food drive is truly a community-wide effort.

In a virtual food drive, donors give dollars instead of physical donations. The purchasing power at the Capital Area Food Bank is 5 to 7 times greater than the average consumer, meaning your money stretches further to feed those in need. And our collective impact is amplified by acting as a community—the association/nonprofit community here in Metro DC. It’s the definition of the Power of (A)!


Please contact me today to join or for more information: browan[at]delcor[dot]com, 240.821.1765. Our virtual food drive kicks off May 2—we need your organization on board to make it a success, to feed those in need, and to end hunger in the Washington DC Metro Region.

Homelessness in our community

Helping to address that hunger need here in Downtown Silver Spring is Shepherd’s Table, a Capital Area Food Bank partner agency tending to one of our most fragile populations—those experiencing homelessness.

The data on homelessness here in affluent Montgomery County is surprising:

  • 638 adults
  • 159 families
  • 204 with severe mental illness
  • 194 with chronic health problems
  • 291 are victims of domestic violence
  • 80 have a physical disability

We’ve been supporting Shepherd’s Table since our first volunteer meal service in 2011. We make it an annual event for our company and staff to give back right here, just beyond our doorstep. At their annual event—It’s a New Day—our president, Dave Coriale, will speak about his and DelCor’s dedication to Shepherd’s Table and their mission to serve.

Shepherd’s Table is at the beginning of the Continuum of Care, offering basic human services and providing a strong safety net for people experiencing homelessness. Remarkably, they’ve never missed a meal since opening December 16, 1983.

Beyond nutritious meals and emergency shelter, Shepherd’s Table provides an eye clinic, clothes closet, and resource center to improve the daily care and well-being of those experiencing homelessness right here in Downtown Silver Spring. And they’re looking to expand services when they move into the new Progress Place—under construction now—later this year.