Expert tips: how to get your staff ready for a new AMS

Gretchen Steenstra | 10.07.14
Topics: Software Requirements & Selection, AMS - Data - Membership


How should you prepare staff for a new AMS selection and implementation? Let’s start with homework. No grumbling, please.

Selection homework: understanding requirements 

AMS selection and implementation require an investment of resources – not just money, but staff time, too. You can’t expect staff to fit this into their packed schedule along with their regular work. You must allocate real time for staff to work on the project.

Addy Kujawa, CAE, (AAOE) advises including the right staff – those who are working with the system or who need information from the system. Their knowledge of your existing system and processes – both the pros and cons – is extremely valuable during requirements gathering. She also emphasizes the need to dedicate time at the beginning of the selection process to understanding and documenting system requirements and business processes related to the system.

Too often, staff doesn’t sufficiently prepare for this type of project. They don’t go through a comprehensive requirements analysis. Instead, they expect vendors to ask the right questions and show them exactly what is needed.

Remember: the association should be driving the requirements and selection process, not the vendor. It’s the association’s job to educate vendors about goals, requirements, and processes – not the reverse.

Tomorrow, we’ll take a look at survival tips for your project team. In the meantime, here’s further reading on requirements analysis – the foundation for your whole project!


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