Expert tips: how to get your money’s worth from your AMS investment

Many associations don’t dig deep enough into their AMS, says Teri Carden ( One key symptom? They never pursue additional training after the initial launch. You need to keep up on training if you want to take full advantage of your system’s functionality. 

Listen up, because this is critical: the investment in your AMS doesn’t end at launch.


Your annual budget should include funds to support additional training, including user conferences where staff can learn more about your existing system and prepare for new releases. Enable ways for your staff to share their experiences and education on the software with colleagues throughout the organization, so all of your system’s users remain knowledgeable on the latest updates, tricks, and nuances. And, yes, ensure the funding is there to support these activities.

Finally, remember your AMS does not stand alone – at least it shouldn’t. You have to keep tabs on partners and peripheral systems that are linked to your AMS. 

Your new system will meet expectations if you do your homework before selection (requirements analysis) and make the commitment to sharpen your AMS skills after launch (fully funded training for your staff). Start your AMS journey on the right foot and keep investing in that journey to achieve long-term success.

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