Didn’t you see the 3 big orange cones?

I was walking in the National Zoo recently with my family and couldn’t take my eyes off the 7 lions out playing in the sunshine when, all of a sudden, I fell to the ground due to some uneven pavement. My daughter described it well when she said, “You took quite a tumble!” The fact that there were 3 large orange construction cones surrounding the small patch of uneven pavement that I never saw struck me as a good example of what often happens during projects – negative things happen despite good preventive efforts. It’s important to be realistic and to identify risks, response strategies, contingency plans, etc. – but sometimes problems still arise. However, by monitoring the project and continually controlling risks, you will hopefully be able to react quickly should a response strategy need to be implemented.

Side note: I was able to hold my iPhone up in the air during the entire tumble so it was not hurt. I credit my personal risk response strategy planning for the tight grip and twisting of the body to save the iPhone.