DelCor's Prankless Digest & News: March 2016

No Fooling, We’re Changing!


Behind the scenes, we’ve been working on a new website, which we expect to launch by April 30. In preparation, our current website (and blog) will freeze on April 15. The blog will be back following a successful launch, but in the meantime let us know what topics you’d like to read about. Send your suggestions to marketing[at]delcor[dot]com.


We’re also closing our web store, and now you can own a ‘piece’ of DelCor at half off! No coupon or promo code required, just visit Quantities are limited and the store will close for good when the new website launches, so get your ‘merch’ now!


Hunger is No Joke


Clients, friends, colleagues—our neighbors need your help. This is our call to the association community in our nation’s capital—our call to end hunger. Together, we can feed those in need.

We invite everyone in the Metro DC association community—trade/professional associations, nonprofit organizations, vendors/suppliers/supporters—to participate in our 14th Annual .org Community Food Drive for the Capital Area Food Bank. The food bank serves up to 700,000 people in DC and the surrounding communities in Maryland and Virginia. Our support each year helps provide tens of thousands of meals to those in need.

Please join us to make an impact. Participating and giving are easy!

Our 2016 virtual food drive is tentatively scheduled for May 2-20. Although we ran a ‘real’ food drive for 10 years, we discovered that a ‘virtual’ food drive is more efficient and effective for most donors. 89% of donors surveyed prefer to make online donations, because it’s less cumbersome and empowers the food bank to spend wisely, where needed. (Find out more when the food drive kicks off.)

We need you! All organizations are welcome to participate. You’ll need a Team Captain to act as your point of contact and spearhead your internal activities, promotions, and fundraising. It’s okay to get creative, consult your charity committee, or offer matching donations. If you have a great fellowship/fundraising idea—like a pizza party or silent auction—share it with us (pictures, too)!

Sign up before April 15. Contact Bill Rowan (browan[at]delcor[dot]com or 240.821.1765) to sign up or for more information.


All Jokes Aside

It’s time for our monthly roundup of all the association technology news that’s fit to blog. Lots of good stuff here, so let’s dig right in!


328236611_925178935f_z.jpgHow to build and repair relationships with association technology vendors by Wendy Raulin, PMP – Learn how to nurture and repair important partnerships that keep your mission-critical systems and processes humming along.
Related reading: Marrying into the family: why new vendor partners must fit in by Tobin Conley, CAE

Why you should consult your in-house technologist before you go your own way by Dan Lautman – Maybe you don’t even know it, but chances are you’re a Shadow IT user. Learn what it is, why it matters, and what to do next time before you download that cloud-based app.

Related reading: How to handle and prevent the use of Shadow IT by association staff by Dan Lautman


4771651149_0b4f41cc8f_z.jpgDear Del: What’s the difference between a query and a report? by Wendy Raulin, PMP – What’s your position on the eternal debate of store-bought vs. homemade ice cream? And what does it have to do with extracting data from your AMS? Grab a scoop and find out!

Related reading: Geek Speak: Reports by Sarah Manwell, PMP, and Gretchen Steenstra, PMP



15162587781_0b51de4d82_z.jpgCuriosity in the Pursuit of Culture by Dave Coriale and Aptify’s Robert Barnes – This international duo, spurred by Great Ideas, examines the three pillars of Culture by Design as well as curiosity vs. desire for improvement.

Related reading: John Spence: talent is a strategic objective by Gretchen Steenstra, PMP



531757372_a8ef9d4177_z.jpgOn the Road with DelCor: 2016 Abila User and Developer Conference (AUDC) by Gretchen Steenstra, PMP, and Diane Stoner, PMP – If you didn’t make it to Austin, here’s your chance to tag along and find out what went down—from the power of purpose to the stories in your AMS.

Related reading: How to prioritize IT projects: a 5-point checklist by Sarah Manwell, PMP


14280391226_f0765eef75_z.jpgThe DNA of the Association CIO by Kathleen McQuilkin, PMP – Kathleen reflects on the findings of two recent CIO studies and the skills that savvy IT leaders need to ‘change the perception of IT’ and lead technological advancement in their respective associations.

Related reading: CIOs need to think more like CEOs by Ernie Smith for Associations Now


128037616_b1f75c73e8_z.jpgWhat type of IT leader does your association need? by Wendy Raulin, PMP – CIOs are important (see above!), but does your association need one? Wendy breaks down the varying roles/responsibilities of IT leaders by organization size so you know when to hire your next CIO.

Related reading: The path from IT director to technology leader by Tobin Conley, CAE


10595046036_4a4f1afa6a_z.jpgTo be or not to be (on Snapchat): choosing social media channels for your association by Kylee Coffman – It’s tempting to jump on every new social media app, but should you? Learn how to survey your members’ social media landscape and prepare for expansion when the time is right.

Related reading: How associations can use location-based marketing by Kylee Coffman








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