DelCor’s January 2016 Blogger’s Digest


Hello, February! Here are the 5 posts from last month that you might have missed or just want to review, along with some related reading. As always, we appreciate your feedback/comments!

We’re lifelong learners here at DelCor. So it makes sense that we’d be interested in monitoring the MOOC trend—and how thosemassive open online courses (MOOCs) are impacting the e-learning landscape overall. What are the 3 e-learning issues that need your attention? Tobin Conley, CAE, investigates: Associations’ Online Learning Resolutions for 2016

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We launched a new blog feature this new year. It’s aimed at getting diverse perspectives on association technology topics—from not just one DelCorian, but several! See what’s on our brains: What are we thinking? DelCorians weigh in on association technology trends

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Workplace culture is not unlike a recipe, where all the right ingredients, in the right proportions, combine to make a company great. Coming off a year when DelCor was named an ‘excellent workplace’ and our CEO received ASAE’s distinguished Academy of Leaders Award, we thought it appropriate to look at some of our ingredients with a critical eye. Loretta M. DeLuca, FASAE, CEO, reveals: The special ingredients for a DelCorian workplace culture

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Snowzilla. Jonas. Blizzard of 2016. Whatever you called it, the recent winter storm that blanketed the mid-Atlantic brought ‘normal life’ to an utter standstill. DelCorians are prepared to work remotely when such disasters/emergencies hit, and we think associations should be, too. That’s why we published: The IT Snowpocalypse Survival Guide

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Trends are on trend, and you might even be tired of hearing about trends. But sometimes how we even think about trends is a real point to consider. When organizational leaders get together to talk technology, we think the big strategy topics shouldn’t be overshadowed by the usual (albeit necessary) budget-driven conversations. Dave Coriale implores you to pay attention: 5 technology trends association executives can no longer ignore

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