DelCor’s Guide to the 2018 ASAE Technology Conference

Allison Coriale | 11.26.18
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ASAE’s 2018 Technology Conference & Expo (#asaetech18) is packed with sessions led by industry experts that will provide valuable information about current technology trends that you can take back and put into action in your own association. The sessions will cover multiple topics within the world of technology and have been broken down into 5 categories or “pathways” to help you identify the sessions of interest to you and create a personalized schedule.

DelCor's guide to ASAE's 2018 Technology Conference

This year’s pathways are:

  1. Compliance & Security
  2. Project Management & Strategy
  3. Data Exploration & Analytics
  4. Marketing & Content Management
  5. Digital Engagement & Experience

We have compiled a list of resources based on these pathways to help you prepare for the Technology Conference and get more out of the conversations you have there.

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Tech18 Compliance & SecurityCompliance & Security

Association Cybersecurity: It’s Everyone’s Job (DelCor): To protect your association from cyberattacks, you must understand that cybersecurity is everyone’s job.  Learn how to provide your staff and members with the proper tools and knowledge to do their part to protect the organization, no matter their position.

The Cybersecurity Skills Your Association Needs Now (DelCor): Cybersecurity threats are always changing and growing—meaning that your IT team’s skills need to evolve as well. Assess your IT security strategy to ensure your skills are up to date and your association is being protected.

How to Build a Cybersecurity Team (CIO): Address ever-growing cybersecurity threats by building (or hiring) a team that knows your organization, has your best interests at heart, and possesses the skills to keep your organization secure.

How to Navigate the Changing Landscape of Cybersecurity (CIO): Cyberattacks have become more common and more complex. Learn the tactics industry experts use to prevent attacks in the evolving world of cybersecurity.

New Approaches to Security Awareness Training for Association & Nonprofit Staff (DelCor): Want to avoid falling victim to a cyberattack? Try some of these unconventional tactics to ensure your staff is aware of their role in protecting your association.

Taking Cybersecurity Beyond a Compliance-First Approach (CSO): Meeting compliance requirements isn’t always enough to protect your association against cyber threats. Reevaluate your strategy to ensure you are doing enough to keep up with evolving threats.

Tech18 Project Management & StrategyProject Management & Strategy

Close Every Technology Project with a Retrospective (DelCor): Coming back together as a team to reflect on a project after it’s complete can help you improve project strategy by identifying challenges, issues, and strengths. Here’s how to hold an effective post project retrospective.

How to Connect Business Strategy with Project Management (CIO): Making sure your projects meet your business needs is crucial for your organization’s success. But making the connection between strategy and project management can be tricky. Follow these simple steps to make the connection easier.

How to Keep Your Association’s Technology Project on Schedule (DelCor): Technology projects can be challenging to manage because they have a lot of moving parts that need to be coordinated. Use these tips to avoid falling behind, quickly get back on track if you do, and field curveballs that come your way.

The Most Innovative Project Management Strategies (TechnologyAdvice): Explore new and creative ways some organizations are approaching project management while still retaining enough structure to ensure projects are finished on time and within budget.

The Role of Business Process Design in Business Analysis on IT Projects (PMI): How do business analysts navigate competing interests and constraints? One approach is to go back to basics.

Unpacking an Association’s Project Management Bag (DelCor): Unpack the essential tools professional project managers keep in their “backpack” to be prepared for anything that comes up during technical projects and software implementations.

Tech18 Data Exploration & AnalyticsData Exploration & Analytics

6 Ways to Empower Your Employees with Customer Data Analytics (Forbes): Associations have valuable data, but are staff empowered to access and apply it? In the business world, only 13% of companies are leaders in leveraging customer data. Here are six tips you can learn from them to empower your organization—and your staff.

Do You Know the Difference Between Data Analytics and AI Machine Learning? (Forbes): Understand the benefits, limitations, and differences among data analysis, predictive analysis, and AI machine learning.

The Perils of Customizing Association Software (DelCor): Understand the risks that come with customizing association management software and learn the alternative paths before you invest time and money in an overly-customized system that may soon be outdated.

Shopping for an AMS? Make a List and Check It Twice (DelCor): Searching for a new association management system can be overwhelming. Our guide breaks down 5 steps to creating your AMS wish list. Having a written list of your association’s wants and needs will help you more easily and efficiently choose a system that will best serve your organization.

Too Much of a Good Thing? Take Your Data from Overwhelming to Useful (MarketingProfs): There are countless befits to “big data,” but managing all of that information can be difficult. Learn how to effectively manage your data to be able to reap all of the benefits.

Unpacking the Association Department Head’s IT Bag (DelCor): As a department head, you may be in charge of one or more of your association’s mission-critical IT systems—like the AMS. Make sure you have all the IT resources you need to use your AMS et al. effectively.

Tech18 Marketing & Content ManagementMarketing & Content Management

10 Content Marketing and Customer Experience All-Stars (CIO): Learn from 10 national brands using creative content marketing strategies to attract customers and improve customer experiences.

Content Strategy Breakdown (DelCor): Having a content strategy is important to help you manage your content and make sure it is effectively communicating your association’s values and goals with your audience. Use this content strategy breakdown to help you develop a strategy that is right for your association.

Four Considerations Before Investing in AI for Marketing (MarketingProfs): Use of artificial intelligence is on the rise and will bring significant changes to marketing. Here are four things to think about before taking on AI.

How to Make Google Love Your Association’s Website (DelCor): Less than 10% of people make it to page two of search results, so make sure your website is designed with search in mind. Make it easier for people to discover you by following these basic tips.

Is Your Content Strategy Heading in the Right Direction? Four Steps to Make Sure It Does (MarketingProfs): If you’re not sure your content is heading in the right direction, performing a content audit might help you determine whether you are on the right track.

Marketing Transformation Requires a New Strategy (ASAE): Take advantage of new technologies and social media that can help reach a bigger audience and effectively communicate your message with a new digital strategy.

Tech18 Digital Engagement & ExperienceDigital Engagement & Experience

7 Steps to a Brilliant Association Website Redesign (DelCor): You should never stop tweaking and improving your website. Follow these tips for creating a positive user experience.

Customer Experience and Engagement Fuels the Most Progressive Digital Transformation Strategies (Forbes): Brian Solis describes the “experience divide,” along with three insights for achieving digital transformation.

Do You Have the X Factor? Digital Experiences for the Modern Member (DelCor): Evaluate the digital experience your association is currently providing and how you may want to make changes to better grab and keep your members’ attention.

Five Essential Multichannel Marketing Tactics for 2018 (MarketingProfs): Multichannel marketing can be difficult, but how else do you reach a fragmented membership? Consider adding these five tactics to your mix to improve your members’ customer experience.

To Be or Not to Be (on Snapchat): Choosing Social Media Channels for Your Association (DelCor): There’s an overwhelming number of social media platforms. Make sure your association is investing its time and energy in creating a presence on the platforms that will help you accomplish your goals and reach the proper audience.

Unpacking an Association’s Digital IT Bag (DelCor): Create an online presence that is appealing to your members, constituents, and prospects by filling your associations’ digital IT bag with the right people, policies, talents, and tools.

What to do after Tech18Have some fun after the learning is done!

The conference is held at the Gaylord National in National Harbor, MD, where there is so much to do! Here are our suggestions, if you have time to spare when the sun goes down.

Check out the nightlife on Fleet Street

Fleet Street is full of exciting restaurant and bars, particularly Bobby McKey’s, the only dueling piano bar in the area—check it out for a truly unique experience.

Ride the The Capitol Wheel

Take in views of the National Harbor, the Potomac River, and Washington, DC, from 180 feet in the air in a climate-controlled gondola.

Take a Trip on the Water Taxi

A fun and unique way to explore exciting nearby areas, water taxis will take you to Alexandria, The National Mall, Nationals Stadium in Southeast DC, and The Wharf.

Taste Maryland's Best

Enjoy one-of-a-kind crab cakes and seafood dishes at the Crab Cake Cafe.

Experience a Winter Wonderland

The Gaylord is home to the world-renowned ICE! extravaganza, featuring ice sculptures from the holiday classic, A Charlie Brown Christmas.

Take home a sweet holiday gift or souvenir

National Harbor is home to one of only two Peeps & Company retail stores, where you can pick up seasonal marshmallow treats.

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