DelCor’s Guide to ASAE’s 2018 Associations @ Work + Additional Resources

Allison Coriale | 10.22.18
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ASAE’s Associations @ Work business conference attracts association professionals seeking in-depth knowledge about association management, human resources, finance, and fundraising. Critical to the success of these operational areas are two topics prominent in the A@W educational opportunities: cybersecurity and data management. Expanding your knowledge on these topics will benefit your organization’s operations and preparedness. Here’s our list of can’t-miss sessions and additional resources.


Cybersecurity for Associations

A@W Cybersecurity Sessions

Don’t Get Ambushed by Cyber Security Attacks
Monday, October 29, 2018  |  11:00 AM – 12:00 PM  |  Room: Independence FG  |  Content Leader: William Tanenbaum, Shareholder and Practice Co-chair, Polsinelli

This session will go into detail about the best strategies you can use to protect your association from cybersecurity attacks, including the best management and legal practices and contract terms.

Industry Partner Session: Cyber Creeps and Criminals: Anticipating and Responding to Cyber Crime
Tuesday, October 30, 2018  |  11:00 AM – 12:00 PM  |  Room: Lafayette Park  |  Content Leaders: Michelle Evans, Assistant Vice President, and Eric Johnson, Vice President, Aon Affinity Insurance Services; Blaine Kimrey, Chair, Privacy, Cyber Security & Media Practice Group, Vedder, Price P.C.; Scott Swift, Assistant Vice President-Claims, and Pam Townley, Vice President and Cyber-Tech Product Manager, AXIS PRO

This session discusses the growing number of ways that cybercriminals target and gain access to associations. By  understanding their methods, you’ll be better equipped to protect your association from attacks.

police-869216_640Additional Cybersecurity Resources:

2018 Cost of a Data Breach Study (IBM): IBM’s 13th annual study, independently conducted by Ponemon Institute, offers insight on the cost of cyberattacks by industry and region as well as ideas for reducing that cost. There’s even a calculator!

2018 Data Breach Investigations Report (Verizon): Learn what works and what doesn’t in the prevention and aftermath of a cybersecurity incident in this annual exploration of trends in confirmed data breaches.

An IT Checklist to Protect Your Association or Nonprofit’s Security When an Employee Leaves (DelCor): What’s at risk and what are the steps you need to take upon an employee termination? Follow this checklist to standardize your technical response.

The Association CEO’s Role in Cybersecurity (DelCor): Learn the 12 key steps association CEOs can take to avoid a data breach blowout.

Facing Your Cybersecurity Fears (ASAE): ASAE Foundation partnered with SCIPP International to learn how associations are approaching cybersecurity. Here’s what they learned.

The Financial Management of Cyber Risk (ISA/ANSI): Published by the Internet Security Alliance and the American National Standards Institute, this framework for CFOs is an action plan for protecting your association against the finical risks related to cyberattacks.

How to Handle Staff Who Fall for Phishing Emails—Putting Your Association at Risk (DelCor): What do you do when employees are your fault line against potential cyberattacks? First determine the risk (financial or otherwise) then look for ways to embed cybersecurity awareness in your organization—from executive leadership to HR and beyond.

Associations and Big Data

A@W Data Sessions

Data Cleaning – It’s a Dirty Job, But You Can Do It!
Monday, October 29, 2018  |  9:45 – 10:45 AM  |  Room: Independence HI  |  Content Leaders: Kinsey Fabrizio, Senior Director, Member Engagement, and Ellen Savage, Vice President, Membership, Consumer Technology Association

Learn practical tips that will help you efficiently maintain clean and accurate data—an important factor in achieving success across association operations.

Strategic Analysis of Financial Data – Beyond the Basics
Monday, October 29, 2018  |  3:15 – 4:15 PM  |  Room: Independence DE  |  Content Leaders: Ralitza Kamenova, Outsourced Accounting Principal, and W. Andrew Powell, Partner In Charge, Halt Buzas & Powell, LTD

This session examines how strategic analysis of financial data, such as KPIs, can inform your association’s growth and sustainability.

GDPR – How to Achieve Compliance
Tuesday, October 30, 2018  |  2:00 – 3:00 PM  |  Room: Independence FG  |  Content Leader: Terrance Barkan, CEO, GLOBALSTRAT

The title says it all! Have questions about GDPR compliance? Learn how other associations are approaching the task.

paper-3249919_640Additional Data Resources:

AMS Trend #5: Intelligent Business Decisions (DelCor): Learn about the interplay of your AMS, your data, and your ability to make better business decisions from Loretta DeLuca and Joanna Pineda.

Don’t Be a Target – PCI Compliance for Associations (DelCor): Compare your compliance process with this quick checklist for ‘spring cleaning’ your financial data.

The Future of Data Ownership (ASAE): Data is everywhere. Who owns it? The ASAE ForesightWorks program examines this question and implications for associations.

A Guide to GDPR for Associations, Nonprofits, and Other 501(c) Organizations (DelCor): The General Data Protection Regulation has a silver lining: better data quality. Learn how to achieve it through ‘privacy by design.’

How Associations Can Become Data-Driven Organizations (ASAE): Make sure your association isn’t left behind because you haven’t developed a data-driven mindset. Learn how to leverage your association’s data in membership marketing and retention.

How Associations Can Dive in to Big Data (DelCor): Big or small, data serves all staff in your organization. Learn how to implement data-based decision-making tools.

Bonus: NextGen Talks

These micro-networking events create connections between young association professionals and established association executives. Attendance is free but registration is required at NextGen Talks are independent of A@W.

ASAENextGen18Talk - Nicole Trina

ASAENextGen18Talk - Reeves

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