DelCor Blogger’s Digest and #ASAE15 Preview: July 2015


Our technology therapists are headed to Detroit for the ASAE Annual Meeting & Expo. We’re channeling IT zen, to help you find yours—so you can advance your mission, vision, and business goals. If you follow us on Twitter, you’re already tuned in to our Tweets on Detroit trivia, #ASAE15, and zen tips. Find out more—and find your IT zen—at The Hive or Booth 315.

Blogger’s Digest: July 2015

Looking for new technology solutions at ASAE15? Dave advises, lay the foundation before eyeing new technology, to ensure your long-term success. (July 6, 2015)

While you’re on site in Detroit, you’ll likely be relying on your mobile for many things, including keeping up with your workload and your members. You wouldn’t want to log on to a crappy experience on your smartphone or tablet, would you? That’s why Dave says, ignoring mobile means missed opportunities. (July 14, 2015)

Whoa—there’s a new sheriff in town: technology governance. Find out how this business mindset can bring peace to the Wild West in High Noon at the IT Corral. (Tobin Conley, CAE, July 23, 2015)

Around the association community, the question “Is the AMS dead?” has been abuzz. But this is just one of many questions association executives ask about AMSes—trust me, we get lots of ’em! Loretta took to the blog last week to discuss The 5 AMS Trends You Need to Know, based on a webinar she presented earlier this year with Joanna Pineda, CEO, Matrix Group. Good pre-conference reading if you’re curious about what’s up with AMSes these days! Watch for bonus posts on the blog this week.


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  • August 8-11: ASAE Annual Meeting & Expo
  • August 25: MoCo Idea Swap: Association Websites