How Should My Association Prepare for a Software Upgrade

Bill Rowan | 08.25.14
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Dear Del, 

My software vendors said it's time for an upgrade. What should I do to prepare?


Upgrades are a great opportunity to review your software, customizations, and business processes, as well as to plan for any adjustments. If you're going to make changes to the software, make sure the upgrade supports (or improves) existing processes. Coordinate changes with your vendor.

You may find that it's easier to make changes as part of an upgrade. You might choose to upgrade then fine tune the application.

Here's a short checklist that may help as you embark on the upgrade adventure!

 DelCor’s Software Upgrade Checklist

  • Create an upgrade plan (this is a project!)
  • Identify staff members who will be part of the upgrade team
  • Draft an upgrade schedule
  • Reserve a conference room or space where staff can test the upgrade
  • Develop a process to share questions or failures
  • Discuss the upgrade process with your vendor
    • Do any of the features impact high-volume or high-risk processes at your association?
    • Has any custom functionality been replaced by baseline features?
  • Review new features and changes to the product
  • Review test plans from past upgrades or the implementation
  • Don't have a test plan? Make one
  • Review your organizational and departmental goals
    • What goals are supported by this product?
    • Are any changes needed?

– Gretchen Steenstra, PMP, senior consultant, technology management


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