Cheers and ¡salud!


We’re celebrating Cinco de Mayo and the first week of May with the launch of two impactful projects—our redesigned website and our 14th Annual .org Community Food Drive for the Capital Area Food Bank.

Already, we’ve tested, tested, tested our new site, but we know it’s not perfect. Take a look around and sign up for our monthly newsletter. Our team is working on search functionality and populating our blog archive, but we’re bound to overlook a typo here or there. Please do let us know if something seems a little off to you or you can’t find what you need. Drop a note describing the issue to browan[at]delcor[dot]com.

Already, we’ve raised more than $4,200 for the food bank—24% of our goal and enough to provide 10,600+ meals to those in our community who don’t have enough healthful food to eat—with a little more than two weeks to go. We have such gratitude for our partners in this endeavor, listed below. Take a moment to visit and share To pledge your support to ending hunger, select your team to make a donation. (If you don’t have a participating team, you can make an unspecified donation just by clicking ‘donate.’) The food drive is a community-wide effort, so if you’d like to bring your organization on board, drop a note to browan[at]delcor[dot]com.

We’ll resume our regular blogging soon, on technology topics that help you connect with progress. Meanwhile, look for us at ASAE’s Finance, Human Resources, and Business Operations Conference, May 10-11. You’ll find us in the expo hall at table #1.

Salt or no salt, we think it’s a great day to celebrate. Please do so responsibly. Cheers and ¡salud!

photo: Bill Rowan