Blogger’s Digest: December/January


31, here we come

Throughout 2014, we celebrated and appreciated being a 30-year-old local company.

Programming note: we’re switching our publication date to the last day of the month (or thereabouts), rather than the first day of the next. After all, our digest is a “look back” at topics on our minds, and a “look ahead” to when and where we can connect in the near future. As always, if you have suggestions, contact us!


Blogger’s Digest: December/January


Upcoming Events

  • February 6: Association TRENDS Salute to Association Excellence, Washington, DC, sponsored by DelCor
  • February 16: DelCor closed for Presidents’ Day
  • February 18: Finance & Administration Roundtable Luncheon: Leading Technologies for Associations and Other Not for Profit Organizations, with guest speaker Reggie Henry, CAE, ASAE
  • February 22-24: AUDC 2015, Austin, TX – with crazy cool sessions by DelCorians Gretchen Steenstra, PMP, and Susie Hudachek
  • March 8-10: Great Ideas Conference, Orlando, FL – with sessions including our resident wisecrackers, Dave Coriale and Tobin Conley


TECH14 Fodder

December’s Technology Conference at Gaylord National Harbor proved to be a game changer. Attendees witnessed and took part in some real sci-fi type technologies – as well as some provocative discussions. In particular, The Future of AMS Systems, drew a bid crowd and some attention from around the web, including these posts.


Flickr photo by Tim