Blogger’s Digest: April 2014


Half a Million

That’s how many people the Capital Area Food Bank serves throughout the DC region. But it’s estimated that 700,000 are at risk. DelCor and our food drive partners are striving to fill the gap. The goal for our 12th Annual .org Community Food Drive is to raise $20,000 for the food bank – enough to provide 50,000 meals. Will you help? The food drive ends May 21, with a Volunteer Night @ CAFB.

We launched the food drive yesterday with this special blog post: The springtime giving season starts now (Bill Walker, May 1, 2014)


Blogger’s Digest: April 2014

We discussed 3 hot topics on our blog this month. Which one is your favorite? Comments are welcome!

How do you “do” data? Wendy and Tobin explore different aspects of data collection and application.

Oh, Heartbleed… The latest online security issue has us talking about passwords – and changing them. Sure, it’s painful – but identity or data theft is worse! Dan and Wendy offer some advice on password management and enforcing policies.

The best way to cultivate Great Ideas is to share them! Gretchen reflects on some of her favorite moments from #ideas14. What were yours?


Upcoming Events

  • May 1-21: Our 12th Annual .org Community Food Drive for the Capital Area Food Bank! 
  • May 15: In case you just can’t get enough of Tobin Conley... He’s joining the ASAE Springtime Expo crew for the Meetings Ignite! closing session. Tobin’s topic: That Was Then, This is Now, What Next? 
  • May 21: Volunteer Night @ CAFB
  • May 28-29: We’re exhibiting at ASAE’s Finance, HR, & Business Operations Conference. Plus, you can catch David Coriale in the Business Operations Session “IT Project Portfolio and Alignment.”