#AUDC13 – the road to relevance, social media spirit animals, & leis

Kylee Coffman | 03.18.13
Topics: Events, AMS - Data - Membership

As a first-time attendee and speaker at the Avectra Users & Developers Conference (#AUDC13) a few short weeks ago, I was looking forward to escaping the drab DC weather for some real palm trees, solid 60-degree sunshine, learning opportunities, and good conversation with my fellow association professionals.

Many helpful sessions dedicated to netFORUM were on the agenda. Inspiring sessions like Mary Byer’s Road to Relevance opening keynote – which appeared again at ASAE’s Great Ideas a week later – provided Tweetable moments as Mary addressed challenges facing associations and outlined aggressive strategies and questions senior leaders should take home.

A few of my other favorite sessions from the conference:


  • Gretchen Steenstra and David DeLorenzo’s Project Management: Parenting Style
  • Ray Van Hilst’s 5 Online Trends Reinventing Association Websites
  • Truth or Dare, my session on social media, invited participants to play Spin the Bottle with me and choose from the deck. Participants (split into 4 groups) tackled questions from the Truth deck like “Does your organization have a social media policy?” while the ever-mysterious Dare offerings instructed participants to, for example, “Draw a picture of your social media spirit animal.” I was receiving some fun participants via Instagram before my session even took place.


As with many F2F events, it was a pleasure to see new and familiar faces from NAA, OSA, RILA, and IIAT among the crowd – all donning leis at the luau-themed opening night reception.


Until next year (and another escape from winter in DC)!

All photos by Kylee Coffman

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