Apple, Google, and the misdirected maps

John Omartian | 12.14.12
Topics: Everything Else
For better or worse, Apple decided to ditch Google Maps and create their own map application in the latest version of iOS. This was largely considered a flop due to touted new features such as the 3D aerial views failing to work as promised, location-based services not providing the correct locations, and incorrect directions.

iPhone users can breathe a little easier now that Google has published Google Maps as a stand-alone application for iOS 6.

Many people will probably be quite relieved that they can finally go back to using the maps application they have relied on in the past. As one of the unlucky individuals who was provided terribly incorrect driving directions from the Apple maps, as well as occasionally being told that my current location was Indonesia, the option to go back to my preferred maps choice is a relief.

Choosing to change or replace technology is a strategic decision and not something to be done on a whim or without a lot of brand equity. Apple upset a lot of fans by this move, but as the largest company in the world they enjoy an unusual position of prestige and loyalty.

If your association makes a technology switch that flops, are you prepared to deal with it – or will you allow a competitor to grab a foothold? Doing a thorough risk assessment before implementation and having multiple backup plans will help ensure your success – even when things don’t go perfectly.

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