3 very DelCorian takeaways from #tech12

Bill Rowan | 12.11.12
Topics: Events

Coming back from the ASAE Technology Conference & Expo last week, I asked around the office for highlights or takeaways. Enjoy these tidbits, and tune in tomorrow for a more in-depth look at #tech12 from Kylee Coffman.

From Dave Coriale:

The exhibit hall is still a valid way to do business. It seems a bit antiquated, but the reality is that it gets a community together in a large space with folks floating around sort of like atoms. Sooner or later, some type of reaction will occur that wouldn’t have occurred if the environment wasn’t there. No one is carrying around contracts and pens or RFPs and proposals, but folks are reminded of the resources in their community and see new ones IF they are open to the experience. As an association community in which many of the attendees’ organizations make money on their trade shows, I’d expect attendees understand the need to make the exhibitors feel like they are serious about checking out who is in the expo hall. If not, they are shooting themselves in the foot. Anyway, I used to think the exhibit hall was so outdated, but after seeing so many friendly faces all greeting each other and catching up, I see not only connections being made, but also business getting done.

From Loretta M. DeLuca:

Wearing arcade suspenders – even in my session – now that was a real highlight! After sporting Keds at Annual, I have to wonder what I’ll be wearing at the next conference!

And from me:

Was this really a technology conference – or marketing? I keep up with marketing news (beyond the association world) and occasionally attend marketing events (such as the recent FutureM in Boston). And I gotta tell you, marketers are discussing the same things that technologists are talking about. Just look at the list: big data, Klout, social media, mobile, apps vs. HTML5, responsive design, Google+. We’re even talking about these topics with the same perspective; no more “us vs. them” type of fighting between marketing and IT. It’s actually quite eye-opening.

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