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Looking for an experienced charismatic mature approach to IT? You've come to the right place. Don't let our geekery fool you. We're the groovy IT peeps!


Connecting You with Progress

At DelCor, progress is more than a destination. It’s a philosophy.

We’ve been working with organizations like yours for more than two decades, so we know that no technology change is “small.” Technology impacts everything you do. That's why we focus on long-term strategies that help you evolve. Progress is a continual journey, after all, not an end point. The right technology supports your ability to connect with progress.

Move toward maturity

You spend a lot of time, money, and effort selecting technology solutions to help you achieve your mission and goals. You wonder whether you’re using technology to its fullest potential. You’ve seen far too many workarounds and heard too many complaints. You question how you’ll find the resources to meet the growing needs of your constituents. Worse yet, you may find that your efforts are actually stymied by your technology.

We created the IT Maturity Model to show you the way forward. “Mature” technology supports an organization, making it more efficient, progressive, and capable of accomplishing its mission and goals. The IT Maturity Model is the backbone of our philosophy and your framework for building a sustainable, integrated technology plan.

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Progress starts here

You’ve come to the right place for progress – and a fresh viewpoint on all things IT.

Progress for you may not be the same as progress for another organization. We’re focused on helping you find your path toward progress. Your strengths, constraints, members, and constituents are all unique to you. So, too, are your goals, needs, and culture.

We approach every client engagement with a fresh perspective. We’re experts, forgive us if we boast, in getting to know you. Where appropriate, we’ll conduct a detailed assessment to uncover the roadblocks impeding your progress, as well as any unrealized potential.

Since our founding more than 30 years ago, we’ve helped hundreds of organizations like yours – state, regional, and national associations and nonprofit organizations from all over the country (and world!). We’re aware of the struggles you face as well as the opportunities that await.

Our experience and independence afford us unique insight – insight that we share with you. While we are attuned to the latest technological developments impacting associations, we are completely independent and have no vested interest in any product or service we recommend. What we offer you is a fresh, objective perspective on progress – your progress.

It all starts with an introduction. So, let’s introduce ourselves. When you’re ready to connect with progress, we’re here to help.