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IT Maturity Model

Associations and nonprofits spend a lot of time and energy figuring out technology. Despite these efforts, technology isn’t always used to its full potential. Instead, technology is seen merely as an operational tool, a business necessity, a line item in the budget – rather than a strategic asset.

The IT Maturity Model is a new way of thinking about technology in your organization. ‘Maturity’ is simply a measure of how well technology supports your organization. Progressing along the maturity model leads to a more efficient organization – one that’s better equipped to accomplish its mission and goals.

When we talk about technology, we’re talking about more than hardware and software. System integration, organizational culture, staff professional development, business processes and policies, budgeting, and management – they all impact the effectiveness of your technology and, hence, your organization.

IT maturity is a holistic approach that focuses on technology in its entirety throughout your organization. It’s the backbone of the DelCor philosophy. We use the IT Maturity Model to help our clients get to where they need to be, so they can strategically use technology to achieve their mission and goals.

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